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Course Catalog TRANS

Course Title Program Units
CE-251 Operation of Transportation Facilities TRANS 3
CE-252 Systems Analysis in Transportation TRANS 3
CE-253 Intelligent Transportation Systems TRANS 3
CE-254 Transportation Economics TRANS 3
CE-254G Global Metropolitan Studies: Introduction to Theories, Histories & Methods TRANS 3
CE-255 Highway Traffic Operations TRANS 3
CE-256 Transportation Sustainability TRANS 3
CE-256N Transportation Management and Planning TRANS 3
CE-257 Sustainable Aviation and Infrastructure TRANS 3
CE-258 Logistics TRANS 3
CE-258 (C) Supply Chain and Logistics Management TRANS 3
CE-259 Public Transportation Systems TRANS 3
CE-260 Air Transportation TRANS 3
CE-260D Data Science in Aviation TRANS 3
CE-261 Infrastructure Systems Management TRANS 3
CE-262 Analysis of Transportation Data TRANS 3
CE-263H (C) Human Mobility and Network Science TRANS 3
CE-264 Behavioral Modeling for Engineering, Planning, and Policy Analysis TRANS 3
CE-265 (C) Traffic Safety and Injury Control TRANS 3
CE-290T Advanced Topics in Transportation Theory TRANS 1
CE-290Z Selected Topics in Air Transportation TRANS 2