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Course Catalog GEO

Course Title Program Units
CE-235 (C) Introduction to Statistical Mechanics for Engineers GEO 3
CE-270 Advanced Geomechanics GEO 3
CE-271 Sensors and Signal Interpretation GEO 3
CE-272 Numerical Modelling in Geomechanics GEO 3
CE-273 Advanced GeoEngineering Testing and Design GEO 3
CE-275 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering GEO 3
CE-276 Earth Structures GEO 3
CE-276 (C) Seismic Hazard Analysis and Design Ground Motions GEO 3
CE-277 Advanced Foundation Engineering GEO 3
CE-280 Rock Mechanics GEO 3
CE-281 Engineering Geology GEO 3
CE-283 Geological Engineering of Underground Openings GEO 3
CE-285C Seismic Methods in Applied Geophysics GEO 3
CE-290F Advanced Topics in Seismology GEO 3
CE-290G Advanced Topics in Potential and Electromagnetic Fields and Inversion GEO 3
CE-290J Advanced Topics in Geotechnical Engineering GEO 3