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Course Catalog CEE

Course Title Program Units
CE-011 Engineered Systems and Sustainability CEE 3
CE-024 Freshman Seminars CEE 1
CE-030 (C) Introduction to Solid Mechanics CEE 3
CE-030 (W) Introduction to Solid Mechanics CEE 3
CE-039 Freshman/Sophomore Seminars CEE 2-4
CE-060 Structure and Properties of Civil Engineering Materials CEE 3
CE-070 Engineering Geology CEE 3
CE-084 Sophomore Seminar CEE 1-2
CE-088B Time Series Analysis: Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding CEE 2
CE-088 (C) Data Science for Smart Cities CEE 2
CE-092 Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE 1
CE-092A Design for Future Infrastructure Systems CEE 2
CE-092B Cornerstone Structural Design CEE 2
CE-093 Engineering Data Analysis CEE 3
CE-098 Supervised Group Study and Research CEE 1-3
CE-099 Supervised Independent Study and Research CEE 1-4
CE-100 Elementary Fluid Mechanics CEE 4
CE-101 Fluid Mechanics of Rivers, Streams, and Wetlands CEE 3
CE-103N (C) Terrestrial Hydrology CEE 4
CE-104 Planetary Boundaries and the Anthropocene CEE 1
CE-105 Design for Global Transformation CEE 3
CE-106 (C) Air Pollution CEE 3
CE-107 Climate Change Mitigation CEE 3
CE-108 Climate Change Adaptation CEE 3
CE-110 Water Systems of the Future CEE 3
CE-111 Environmental Engineering CEE 3
CE-111L Water and Air Quality Laboratory CEE 1
CE-112 Water & Wastewater Systems Design and Operation CEE 3
CE-113 Ecological Engineering for Water Quality Improvement CEE 3
CE-114 Environmental Microbiology CEE 3
CE-115 Water Chemistry CEE 3
CE-116 (C) Chemistry of Soils CEE 3
CE-120 Structural Engineering CEE 3
CE-121 Structural Analysis CEE 3
CE-122 Design of Steel Structures CEE 3
CE-122L Structural Steel Design Project CEE 1
CE-123 Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures CEE 3
CE-123L Structural Concrete Design Project CEE 1
CE-124 Structural Design in Timber CEE 3
CE-126 Engineering Dynamics and Vibrations CEE 3
CE-132 Applied Structural Mechanics CEE 3
CE-133 (C) Engineering Analysis Using the Finite Element Method CEE 3
CE-138 (C) Flight Vehicle Structures and Aeroelasticity CEE 3
CE-140 Failure Mechanisms in Civil Engineering Materials CEE 3
CE-152 Civil and Environmental Engineering Systems Analysis CEE 3
CE-153 Transportation Facility Design CEE 3
CE-154 (C) Introduction to Urban and Regional Transportation Planning CEE 3
CE-155 Transportation Systems Engineering CEE 3
CE-156 Infrastructure Planning and Management CEE 3
CE-160D Data Science in Aviation CEE 3
CE-165 Concrete Materials, Construction, and Sustainability CEE 3
CE-166 Construction Engineering CEE 3
CE-167 Engineering Project Management CEE 3
CE-169A Web-Based Systems for Engineering and Management CEE 1
CE-169B Database Systems for Engineering and Management CEE 1
CE-169C Visualization and Simulation for Engineering and Management CEE 1
CE-170A Infrastructure Sensing and Modeling CEE 3
CE-171 Rock Mechanics CEE 3
CE-172 Introduction to Rock Mechanics CEE 3
CE-172 (C) Remote Sensing of the Environment CEE 4
CE-173 Groundwater and Seepage CEE 3
CE-174 Engineering Geomatics CEE 3
CE-175 Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering CEE 3
CE-176 Environmental Geotechnics CEE 3
CE-178 (C) Applied Geophysics CEE 3
CE-179 Geosystems Engineering Design CEE 3
CE-180 Life-Cycle Design and Construction CEE 4
CE-186 Design of Internet-of-Things for Smart Cities CEE 3
CE-188 Carbon Capture and Storage CEE 3
CE-190 Special Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE 1-4
CE-190S Special Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE 3
CE-191 Civil and Environmental Engineering Systems Analysis CEE 3
CE-192 The Art and Science of Civil and Environmental Engineering Practice CEE 1
CE-193 Engineering Risk Analysis CEE 3
CE-194 (H) Honors Undergraduate Research CEE 3-4
CE-197 Field Studies in Civil Engineering CEE 1-4
CE-198 Directed Group Study for Advanced Undergraduates CEE 1-4
CE-199 Supervised Independent Study CEE 1-4
CE-290 Advanced Special Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE 1-3
CE-290A Human and Organizational Factors: Quality and Reliability of Engineered Systems CEE 3
CE-290I Civil Systems: Control and Information Management CEE 3
CE-290K (C) Topics in Fluid Mechanics CEE 1-2
CE-291D Data-driven Control Methods for Civil Engineering CEE 3
CE-291G Advanced Estimation, Control, and Optimization of Partial Differential Equations CEE 3
CE-291F (C) Control and Optimization of Distributed Parameters Systems CEE 3
CE-292A Technologies for Sustainable Societies CEE 1
CE-293A (C) Technology and Sustainability CEE 2
CE-295 Data Science for Energy CEE 3
CE-297 Field Studies in Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE 1-12
CE-298 Group Studies, Seminars, or Group Research CEE 1-6
CE-299 Individual Research CEE 1-12
CE-375 Workshop for Future Civil and Environmental Engineering Teachers CEE 2
CE-601 Individual Study for Master's Students CEE 1-6
CE-602 Individual Study for Doctoral Students CEE 1-6