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Course Catalog SEMM

Course Title Program Units
CE-220 Structural Analysis Theory and Applications SEMM 3
CE-220N Nonlinear Structural Analysis SEMM 3
CE-221 Nonlinear Structural Analysis SEMM 3
CE-222 Finite Element Methods SEMM 3
CE-223 Earthquake Protective Systems SEMM 3
CE-224 Computer-Aided Engineering SEMM 3
CE-225 Dynamics of Structures SEMM 3
CE-226 Stochastic Structural Dynamics SEMM 3
CE-227 Earthquake-Resistant Design SEMM 3
CE-228 Advanced Earthquake Analysis SEMM 3
CE-229 Structural System Reliability SEMM 3
CE-231 (C) Mechanics of Solids SEMM 3
CE-232 Structural Mechanics SEMM 3
CE-233 Computational Mechanics SEMM 3
CE-234 Computational Inelasticity SEMM 3
CE-236 (C) Micromechanics SEMM 3
CE-237 Computational Nano-mechanics SEMM 3
CE-240 Civil Engineering Materials SEMM 3
CE-241 Concrete Technology SEMM 3
CE-242 Concrete Behavior SEMM 3
CE-244 Reinforced Concrete Structures SEMM 3
CE-245 Behavior of Reinforced Concrete SEMM 3
CE-246 Prestressed Concrete Structures SEMM 3
CE-247 Design of Steel and Composite Structures SEMM 3
CE-248 Behavior and Plastic Design of Steel Structures SEMM 3
CE-249 Experimental Methods in Structural Engineering SEMM 3
CE-289 (C) Cyber Physical System Design Prinicples and Applications SEMM 4