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Course Catalog ENV

Course Title Program Units
CE-200A Environmental Fluid Mechanics I ENV 3
CE-200B Environmental Fluid Mechanics II ENV 3
CE-200C Transport and Mixing in the Environment ENV 3
CE-202A Vadose Zone Hydrology ENV 3
CE-202B Geostatistics and Stochastic Hydrogeology ENV 3
CE-203N Surface Water Hydrology ENV 3
CE-204 Planetary Boundaries and the Anthropocene ENV 1
CE-206 Water Resources Management ENV 3
CE-206N Planning and Management of Environmental and Water Systems ENV 3
CE-209 Design for Sustainable Communities ENV 3
CE-210 Control of Water-Related Pathogens ENV 3
CE-211A Environmental Physical-Chemical Processes ENV 3
CE-211B Environmental Biological Processes ENV 3
CE-212 Water Quality Engineering ENV 3
CE-213 Watersheds and Water Quality ENV 3
CE-214 Environmental Analytical Chemistry ENV 3
CE-215 Emerging Technologies for Water Sustainability ENV 3
CE-216 Hazardous and Industrial Waste Treatment ENV 3
CE-217 Environmental Chemical Kinetics ENV 3
CE-218A Air Quality Engineering ENV 3
CE-218B Atmospheric Aerosols ENV 3
CE-218C Air Pollution Modeling ENV 3
CE-219 Fluid Flow in Environmental Processes ENV 3
CE-250N (C) Transportation Policy and Planning ENV 3
CE-290U (C) Transportation and Land Use Planning ENV 3
CE-290V (C) Transportation Finance ENV 3